Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Top Ten On Tuesday


1. Valentine's Day - Friday hubby scattered notes all over the house for me. He was going to tie each of the notes to a rose, but I was up before he got back from the store with them. It was still a great suprise.

2. Wamer tempatures. That means we are closer to being able to visit the zoo and parks to play. Im so excited about it because little G loves being a big sister to Miss J. She often teaches her things and it is the cutest thing. I think they will both like the zoo and know that little G will do her sisterly duty of filling in Miss J on animals.

3. Not having a boss. Well, I do have a boss or bosses in a sense. But we blew bubbles last week and that would have been frowned upon at a regular job. We have playdates, which too would be frowned upon.

4. A fixed drain. The drain in our tub had been slow for some time. V-E-R-Y slow! Sunday it was resolved. Ahhh!!

5. A budget challenge I set for myself for groceries for one week. I was a bit scared terrified at the thought of limiting myself to $50 for a week. But after sitting down and making out the week of meals I think I have done it. Holy smokes! Well, it was done on about $52. That includes diapers for two.

6. Who says being a stay at home mom is boring, uneventful or not work?! Hubby asked me Sunday night how I managed to stay sane. I dont and am not.

7. Love seeing my 2 yr old learning to count. Last week she took some cheerios into the living room (which I don't typically let her do) and proceed to try to count them. She is showing me how she learns best. That means I need to get on the ball and get more visual aides for her.

8. Chocolate! I made the one of the best chocolate recipes last night for hubby and I. Shortly after he ate it he was asleep on the couch. Coincidence? I think so. I will post more about the recipe later.

9. When my 11 month old sleeps through the night it is absolute heaven for me. She didn't begin sleeping through the night until she was about 10 months old. Last night she was up twice. Uggg. I have a feeling she is going to be cutting her upper teeth very soon.

10. Looks like today might be my Monday. Both of my girls were up at 6am. That is way way too early!


  1. What a nice Valentine's surprise & a sweet husband! I'm loving the warmer temps too, and will be so sorry to see it turn cold again! Thanks for linking up!

  2. That was so sweet and romantic of your husband. Kudos for you for budgeting groceries at $52 a week! That takes talent and fortitude!