Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Call It A Come Back

Happy Halloween everyone!!!!

I'm back! Yes, I have been missing from blog land for a little under a year. Let me bring you up to date with a few changes that have taken place since last.

In May we purchased a new home. I'm so excited!! Not just because we have more room, but because Ill have more projects to work on to make it ours. Its a clean slate. Freshly painted, newly carpeted and new kitchen cabinets. Its all screaming to be loved!

We welcomed our newest addition on August 14th. Isn't he just the most adorable ever!?! As with my first two I decided I didn't want to know the sex of the baby. I was sure that he was going to be a girl - only because I already had two of them. During the ultrasound hubby told the tech that he wanted to know, but I didn't. Once she was done scanning and printing everything up she handed us the envelope. In that envelope was the sex. She did it without me knowing. Sneaky huh!
Once we got home that envelope sat on the counter. Hubby decided to open it to find out the sex. I however resisted. Yes, I stuck to my guns even though that same envelope stared at me daily.
Oh and hubby? He didn't tell one soul. Yes you heard that correctly. He didn't tell anyone. Think you would have the same will power?
It was decided that this little guy would be named in honor of both of our fathers who have both passed. He has my maiden name of Elliott and has my late FIL middle name (which he had gone by).

Love that little tie? I have others available for sale. Email me at I have few other styles to choose from.

So this is what made me decide to rekindle my blog. This is our mantle decked out for Halloween. Don't mind that the wreath isn't hanging straight. We were crazy busy and I never found the time to use those 3M hooks to help keep it hung on the mirror. Here is my original post talking about the Boo and Eek blocks that you see stacked.
The candle tapers and candle sticks are from the dollar store. Spiders were buy one get one free. In the center is a grouping of candles that we purchased from one of our trips to IKEA.

Now that Halloween is here and gone I'm going to be planning my next mantle. It goes without saying that I'm excited!

Stay tuned and Ill share some pictures of our front yard. Someone told my husband we are the Halloween of Griswalds.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Tips to Keep Hair Bows In

Recently I posted tips at my facebook page. After posting the tips I went to
Picnik and put together a better tutorial. These tips will work on the finest, smallest
amount of hair.
My oldest daughter was born with a full head of hair. My youngest was born with a full
head of hair as well, but it has been growing very slow.

This is the first post where I have made a collage. If your not able to read it
let me know. (It may be easier to read on my facebook page.)

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Needing A Little Self Improvement!

Since the birth of my second daughter I kind of thew caution to the wind. What do I mean? Dont judge me please, but taking a shower was an effort. Im not much of a morning person, but my darling daughter is. She would be up bright eyed and bushy tailed at 6:30. My oldest
would get up at 8:30 - which is more like it for me. So when I say taking a shower is a
task I truely mean it.

In addition to that I have had fails on hairdressers within the past couple of years. At one point
I switched in hopes it would be better. Prior to my switch I was letting the
dreadful cut grow out in hopes that it would be repairable.
Much to my dismay that was not the case. I had 3! Yes 3 different cuts on one head.
In the evening we would be settling down and it was then that I would begin to
complain about it. Soon I just never returned to the "new" beautician.

With no one to cut my hair I resorted to cutting my own bangs - *gasp!*
I know! I know! If I had a hair dresser to make made I wouldn't do it,
but in this case there isn't one to make made.
(Ill try to do a tutorial on cutting bangs the next time I trim them)
Oh and I dont want to forget to mention that when I trim them Im stressed
Good combination right?

I decided I need a little umpf in my routine or lack thereof.
Makeup occasionally and hair done.
Last week I was on a mission to get the messy bun accomplished.
This took me all day to get it to where I wanted it. After having my second
daughter I had lost chunks of hair - literally.
When I pull my hair back I notice chunks of new growth. So putting my hair up can
be a chore. Its thin and sparse for now.
Below is what I accomplished.

I wanted to find a way to wear headbands that are super cute. The headband I have on
can be found here at Girls N Curls. These are satin lined
headbands, but you can also get the flowers on elastic.

Thanks for taking a peek. Ill be working on adding more tutorials.