Saturday, February 5, 2011

Baby Days to Remember

I gotta say it..
She is so cute! This is an
older picture, but she is still
so dang cute!
She has a little more hair now than she
did in this picture.
She still sucks those two fingers.
She is learning to sleep though
the night (Thank you baby!)
Stood all by herself Friday.
Soon will be
walking on
her own.

Today I decided to take her with me while I got my hair cut.
When the second one comes along you just don't get
the time with them that your oldest got.
When I went to have Miss J I felt guilty. Almost like
I was cheating on little G.
It has been the greatest thing to watch
their relationship blossom.

Next month Miss J will turn 1. When I had her she cried and cried.
The poor girl was not happy. Well, in less I held her. The nurse
had said that she "has spirit". I loved the way
she had put that and told her that was
exactly it.

Over the past few weeks I have looked back at
how she was verses now. She has
had a tremendous amount
of growth in every
aspect. It has
been the most
amazing transformation.
The most wonderful transformation.

Today after getting my haircut, shopping was next.
Poor girl was wore out. The sweetest thing
to see a little baby all peacefully
asleep in their carseat.

These are the days to remember!

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