Friday, August 27, 2010

Whata week

A friend of ours had her baby boy last Friday. Hubby and I had arranged to have meals taken to her to help their transition to parenthood. We took our meal on Tues, so early Tues I was prepping everything and while doing so 'little G' was playing. She is 21 months and not novice walker just yet. Clumsy trips are often taken and harmless at that. Until this past Tues ... She took a fall that resulted in a hairline fracture to her leg. We have slowed down a bit as a result, but I have still kept myself quite occupied with my creations.
I have been making new hairbows that have been more grande than previous ones. There are two a-line pillowcase dresses (one for each daughter) waiting to be finished. In addition, I have taken up a small job of watching a little girl and making sure she gets to and from school. Its a little extra mad cash since it isnt a daily thing.
I need more time for my creativity to take place. Perhaps the times when Miss J decides to pull an all nighter I should as well.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

So many projects!

I successfully completed my first pillowcase dress. The dress was made from three different colors/styles of patterns. I had gotten two of the three materials from Joann Fabrics for 99 cents each! The fat quarters were on sale and I knew they would be perfect for a small project. The bais tape I had made myself, which I used on the arm holes and for the ties. In the future I will be turning the ends of the bais tape under to hide the raw edges. Now that I have that one done I have been working on two at once. Im making one for my youngest that is going to be 6 months this coming Wed and another for my oldest. This one is going to be an A-line dress. Im hoping it will turn out to be just as cute. I plan to layer them with warmer clothing for the winter months to extend their wear.

Lately, I have been thinking I could make a seatsaver for my car. With a toddler seat facing backwards and her little feet with shoes rubbing on the back of the seat makes me cringe knowing how much dirt will eventually collect. A light bulb went off and I used a tank that hubby had put in the trash and I had fished out knowing I could repurpose it. I had put it on the seat this morning and it fits perfectly. Best of all it cost me nothing! Now Old Navy is having a t-shirt sale until Wed for $5 - this is my chance to refresh my shirts. They are in dire need of being updated!!
We are off to Redamak's in New Buffalo, Mi! Good stuff. Its only open until October and will open again in Febuary.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

New adventures

Last night I made a few new bows and took time this morning to post them on my Etsy website. Really hoping that I will begin to sell a few - so to help it along Im having a sale until 8/15. Fingers crossed! I have continued to work on my pillowcase dress for my oldest. If all goes well I will be able to finish it this weekend. My first prototype was too short, making it a top instead. There are few tweeks I need to do to that before she wears it again though. Trial and error! Next sewing project...I think is going to be a skirt for me. I would like to complete it before the end of the summer or before it gets too cold outside. Something new to wear and would be great for date nights with hubby.
If you are like me you have this HUGE collection of recipes! It seems like a serious obsession. Once a week or every other week I try a new recipe to help reduce my collection. We have had a few yummy ones! Baked beans and rice, which then was turned into taco later in effort to eat leftovers. Looking forward to having that again! The other was a cold pasta salad. My husband and I have been hung up on eating sweets in the evening since my last pregnancy. I had made a Ice Box Cake - yum!
Love this warm weather! We are keeping cool and staying inside though. Hard to believe summer has gone by so quickly.
Thats all for this mommy moment. I need to get back to taking care of my oldest who is finishing up lunch.

Monday, August 2, 2010

New week

What a good day! Its been a very full day and delightful at that. The kids and I went to a play group at the park. My mission was to wear them out. The moms in the group are the best. Its wonderful to have such a great opportunity to be with them. Tomorrow a haircut for my stepson. His mom told him his hair looked fine after he requested to have it cut. As the old saying goes 'if you dont have anything nice to say dont say anything at all'. I would like to add that she doesnt work. Hubby and I had to attend a work event to schmooze a bit. After a nice dinner and getting reaquainted with some social friends we all managed to sneak out before a long uneventful series of speaches. What a glass or two or more wont fix.
The pillowcase dress in the mean time is waiting for me on the sewing machine. IT will get done this week. Sooner than later.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

About me!

Good morning - early afternoon. A little about myself. Im a stay at home mom of two little girls. Two under two. I have a stepson as well, who is 12. He is from my husbands previous life.

I have plenty to keep me busy or so you would think. My creativity has been getting the best of me here lately. Hubby and I have made several trips to Hobby Lobby over the past couple months to buy decorations for the house. That in addition to looking at all these wonderful blogs that other moms have make me want to create some great things for our house and two smallest girls. Its easier to create cute little things for girls than it is for a pre-teen boy. He is very simple in that he is more interested in playing video games. All day at that if we were to let him.

My latest adventure is making hair bows. I have posted a few on Etsy. Check it out here . My next adventure is to make a pillowcase dress. Im really looking forward to see how it turns out. All this has gotten me to think about upcyling.

Stay posted. Enjoy the remainder of your weekend.