Saturday, February 26, 2011

Great Clothes Deals!!

Hubby and I try to decide how or what we are going to do
on Saturday to make the best of our time.
The weekend goes by so quick.

We love love love to go out
to breakfast.
Our favorite place is
Bob Evans.
I think that if they didn't see us for an
extended period of time they
would be worried.
As a matter of fact there was a time I wasn't feeling
well while I was pregnant.
Hubby went to pick up breakfast for us and they thought
we had Miss J.

Anyways. Once we are done eating we then ran to the mall.
I returned this back the mall.
Yes, tis a shame. But I had found a better deal at Kohls. 
While I was there I was looking for clothes for my
I found some jeans that were $8.
Hope they fit.

Once we left the mall we headed to Kohls.  

A few weeks ago I had found a coat/snow pant set for
the girls at Kohl's
that was by Carter, which were
originally $85. I had turned down buying that in the fall
because of the price.
On sale they were about $25.

Hubby needed some
new shoes. Oh did he ever!
He had an every were pair.
Every were we/he went he wore them.
Parting will be such sweet sweet sorrow!
They are being replaced with
2 new pairs - dress pair for work
more casual every day shoes.

Then we headed over to the kids section.
Oh my!


Matching. Well there are slight difference.

$4.00 and $4.80

I normally wouldn't buy this at regular price. Even on sale this was expensive - $8.00.
I thought it was too cute to pass up though.

PJ's marked down to $6.

Holiday dress marked down from $40 to $8.

I would like to say that overall this morning was a huge accomplishment
considering how much we
will save once next year comes.
I love to hit up year end sales to stock up
for next years sizes.

And we ended up saving more than we spent.

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