Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Cabin Fever!

I came to the conclusion that we have cabin fever.
It may...
just may have something to do with
all that white stuff in the
I don't mind it.
I'm not going to complain about it.
And yes, that pile of snow is taller than my little G.

Today we had a playdate for groundhog day. A belated
play date. Monday we had a play date as well.
It takes some work to get them out the door to do things when it is cold.
More so when there is a minus 3 (that is with the wind chill).
I planned for us to leave earlier than the planned
play date so we could get some library books.
I try to get to the library every
2 weeks or so. 
This happened to be prefect timing for us. It was a great opportunity for her
to run off some energy.
Afterwards we went to Chic-Fil-A to get some chic chic.
The mose awesome (that's right, I said awesome) part
is that she has been down for a nap for
about 2 1/2 hours. She did that often before she shared a
room with her sister. Hopefully she
will be well rested.

While little G was sleeping Miss J had the run of the place. Yesterday
she was very. unhappy. I took a little time to work
on my Home Organizing notebook. (I will post more about 
that later).
Then it was quite. 
When you have kids you know quite equals not good. I took a peak 
to where Miss J was. I seen her put something in her mouth 
as she usually does. Something did not 
add up though. It didn't look 
right. Oh - well thats because it
was poop!! EWW!!!
It came out the back of her diaper. 
Apparently she did some investigation work. LOL 
I took her to the kitchen where there are hard surfaces 
that clean easy. I had to strip her down.
Prior to doing so I had to clean her hands. 
Then I moved to her back. 
It was on her and me at this point. It
was u-g-l-y. 
By the time it was all cleaned up she was in a new diaper and slippers.
Bunny slippers to be exact.

Today is their laundry day. It happened to be sitting in the hall so it
can go to get washed. She is in her pj's from this morning. 
Let's say she is in a much better mood. 
Perhaps I should have given - 
No ...second thought prunes would have been
way way bad! 

She was cranky on Tuesday, so apparently
that fixed her issue.
I was blessed to have her fall asleep in my
Isn't that the best part of
being a mom!

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  1. We have some serious cabin fever here too.

  2. Hi, so glad to have come across your blog from Project 52! I too have two little girls and they are such a blast! This was such a cute little story, poop incident and all! Gotta love motherhood!

  3. We've had diaper investigations here too. Not fun but funny (after it's all cleaned up) ha!