Thursday, November 11, 2010

Bathroom Closet - Operation Organization

Have you ever bought something only for it to sit for a 3 years? Not me! Well, ok maybe. I had bought baskets at Walmart with the intention of using them to organize the bathroom closet. They were used, but not for organizing. The largest one wouldn't fit in the bottom of the closet without the door being taken off. I needed hubby's help for that, but he did it in a flash. So simple! Isn't nice to have them involved occasionally though.

So operation organization had begun. I took everything I do mean EVERYTHING out of the closet. Sorted through it. Then everything was organized into the baskets. Towels, soap, cold medicine, ect. To be completely honest there are some things I haven't gone through, which would be my stuff. Hubby got a container for his stuff. He has a problem finding stuff. I am hoping this will help to resolve some of that issue.

Here are the baskets completed. The blue painters tape (I couldn't think of what else to use) indicating what was what. Next step was that HORRIBLE shelf liner. Seriously! That has been here since I bought the house. It should have been gone LONG ago! While we were at Menard's we picked some new shelf liner up.

Shelf liner done! Seriously I should have done this much much sooner, not to mention admitting my lazieness procrastination. Next was the blue lables. I had gotten wood rectangles from HL. Four to a pack for 99 cents. They are 2 1/2 x 3 1/2. I painted them using one of the colors I had used from our summer art work. I used the lightest color because I wanted the labels to stand out. I had also gotten some vellum that would serve as the background for the print of the labels. The vellum has a tone on tone small dot print for some cuteness. I didn't want to keep trying to line up the print from a printer on the vellum, so I printed first on regular paper what I would need. Then layed the vellum over the paper and used a marker to follow/trace the letters. (I don't always have the best handwritting and thought this would be a much neater way to go about it.) Once I had everything traced, I modge podged the vellum on top of the painted rectangles (some of them didn't turn out since I am not yet a pro at modge podge). Once they were dry, I sanded away from the center creating them to look like one. I think I should use some ink on them for distressing.

My original thought was to attach them to the baskets using wire, but hubby thought it wouldn't look right. So I used some of that addhessive puddy to attach them. Hopefully it will  hold.


  1. You did a fabulous job on this organization. I have totally organized tuesdays link party tomorrow morning and I would love for you to share this post!

    A Bowl Full of Lemons

  2. Looks great, and I bet it feels good to get it done!

  3. great job! i love the lables and its a great idea to just have a his and hers basket, no reason to go super commando on the organizing, will defeat the purpose if he has to ask you where his stuff is (even with labels) well done!
    ill be following you. (ok that sounded creepy!)
    im going to add a link to this on my post about bathroom organization!