Friday, November 5, 2010

Uses for Vinegar

Vinegar is a staple here in my house. It is on my grocery list every other week - I shop once every two weeks. There are so many uses for it. It may not smell to pleasing, but what it can do is great. And since I mentioned the smell factor, nothing to fear. The smell disintegrates in no time flat, so it really isn't that bad when you consider it be a work horse and great for green cleaning.

Here are a few things it can be used for ~
Cleaning shower heads. Simply soak the shower head in some vinegar while you clean and the lime build up will disappear.

Great for cleaning up grease build up around the stove/oven area.

Drain maintenance - Pour 1c baking soda in the drain. Slowly pour 1c vinegar down the drain and let set for 5 minutes. Be sure to slowly pour the vinegar to allow the reaction between the baking soda and vinegar time to occur. After setting for 5 minutes, pour 1 gallon of hot water (again) slowly down the drain. This is great for cleaning drains and clearing up clogs. If you still have a clog, repeat the process following with a plunger.

Cleaning counter tops/bathroom sink. I have a mixture of vinegar in a spray bottle ready when I need it. I mix 1/2 water and vinegar in a spray bottle so I can use it on surfaces in the kitchen and bathroom.

Disinfectant - Use vinegar undiluted as a disinfectant in place of bleach wipes.

Fabric softener - Use in your washing machine in place of fabric softener. Bonus - great for the drain.

Dish washer - A cup set upright in the dishwasher filled with vinegar will work as a rinse agent. It will also help to reduce the lime build up on the coils in the bottom of the dishwasher.

Works great to neutralize cat urine smell. A neighborhood cat spent its summer spraying on my porch. As much as I love that he would hunt for mice I was not fond of him spraying. I would rinse the porch about every other week with water and vinegar. This would keep him from spraying for a while, in addition to neutralizing the smell his urine left behind.

See what I mean about it being a work horse?  These are a few reasons why we have vinegar as a staple in our house. It's great. Light a candle if you want to help combat the initial smell from the use of it. Oh, I had also found it is a great deterrent for kids. They don't like the smell of the area it after you cleaned, therefore avoid the area.  Happy cleaning!

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