Friday, November 19, 2010

Individual Cup Cakes

These make for a special treat when your day hasn't gone too smoothly or as a special reward for the kids. Like the days when the kids don't want to go down for a nap! They would be a great Christmas gift as well packaged inside a mug. Individual cakes - not cupcakes. They take a couple of minutes (literally) to make.

You will need:
Cake mix of your choice.
Small box of instant pudding mix.
Mix together.

To make:
Prep small dish, cup/mug or ramekin with cooking spray.

Measure out 1/2 c mix, 1 T oil, 1 T water, 1 egg white. Use a fork to mix together until smooth, then pour into prepared dish.

Yolk overboard! Salt will clean that up. 

Cook in the microwave for 2 minutes. Allow to cool and frost with a glaze (recipe below). Or top cake while hot with chocolate chips allowing them to melt.

While it is cooking you have just enough time to clean everything up and maybe the yolk.

I made this using 2T applesauce and cinnamon chips (didn't measure out) for an apple cake. I didn't frost it. It turned out pretty good. It was nice and moist. It is not gourmet, but hey we are going for quick, simple and fun here. I think adding a couple tablespoons of pumpkin to a spice cake mix would be good! Mmmm ~ note to self.

Your creativity comes in when you choose the flavor of cake mix and pudding. I was too chicken to try something too whild at first so I choose white cake mix and cheesecake pudding.


1/3 cup powdered sugar

1 ½ tsp dry flavoring
( ex. powdered lemonade mix, powdered orange breakfast drink mix, cocoa powder)

I had tried the glaze, but didn't care for it too much. Let me know if you come up with something that works great with this. The cake itself is pretty moist, so without it is still pretty good. Of course, you HAVE to test it - when and if you can manage to get the kids are down for a nap. Make it a mommy moment!

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  1. I remember in my college days when Duncan Hines or one of those cake mixes sold a microwave mix. My mom bought me a few to have cake at school. Something like your recipe would have been much easier. Looks like way less mess. And the cake I had make a fairly large cake that was really not edible after one serving. Wish I had your recipe back then to make a single serving version.

  2. Visiting from Texas Monkey. Looks delicious and easy enough! Thanks for sharing! Your newest follower!