Sunday, November 7, 2010

Hello Gorgeous

The mobile spa that helps to provide makeovers to cancer patients.

Saturday afternoon I atteneded a fund raising event. What an incredible event it was! The event was for Hello Gorgeous, which is a non for profit that provides complementary professional makeovers to women that are cancer patients. It's hard to not get choked up over such a huge service this is to those that are fighting cancer. I have worked in a doctor's office where we provided services to cancer patients. The people that it affects are some of the strongest women that have the kindest hearts.

I was asked to attend this event by a Sean, a college of my husband. It is his sister-in-law who began doing this 4 years ago. My husband and I have done things from time to time on a social level with Sean and his wife, Tina. Saturday afternoon during the fund raiser I had an opportunity to talk to Tina and ask a few questions. Her sister is a hairdresser who one day had the idea to provide the services to women who are cancer patients. Tina had said that her sister Kim "had a calling". After having been at the fundraiser I can say that she had a calling indeed. Kim has a heart of gold to provide such an opportunity to women who are going through such a battle.

The fundraiser takes place once a year, which includes a silent auction and (get this) men that parade in a suit with items to purchase (such as a man bucket including beer, peanuts, candy bars, ect). Not only that, but you get escorted to your table by one of these gentlemen and they say "Hello Gorgeous". This coming March they plan to do a smoker for the men. (government prohibits you doing a smoker when your nonprofit is less than 4 years old).

If you are interested in reading more her link is included at the top of this post.

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