Friday, October 1, 2010

Time Out

In a few months my oldest will be 2. Yes, thats right, TWO! She has already been displaying her two-isms. They sometimes start first thing in the morning. There is a spot by one of the doors that is designated just for her. At that spot she has been sitting on a doormat/rug that doesnt get used. That is being replaced by a stool! Her older brother (my stepson) had this for sometime and it was just collecting dust. What better way to put it to use than to have it as a 'Time Out' seat.
Sorry the flag is upside down. I dont mean to be disrepectful, but was not thinking about it when I took it. I think that there is something more wrong about stepping on it though.

I had begun to paint it black at first because I wasn't quite sure what colors I was going to use. The black didn't cover very well, but I still used it. Once I had gone to the store and gotten colors and white I had painted over the black. The effect turned out to be quite nice. I sanded it down a bit because there is crackle paint over it that was beginning to flake. I thought it would probably be best to get rid of some of that before going over it with new paint.
Cute huh?! Erin over at Lemon Tree Creations had redone a sign. She explains how here, 
Thanks for the idea Erin! It worked out wonderfully for me.

 The dots were done using a new unused eraser on the end of a pencil. I used some sandpaper to age it a little. Hubby suggested that I age it a bit where the little butt would sit.

Love how it turned out. I hope my little G hopes using it as much as I like to look at it.


  1. super cute! but i guess this is one thing you hope doesn't get used TOO often! haha! i saw a bench like this at hobby lobby and wanted to get get it, but glad i waited! (got time anyways since my little one is 5 months!)

    i picked up a stool at michael's right after halloween that was an uuuuugly green! hoping to make it hot pink and black for when my lil one is ready to use it! saving this to reference later!

  2. So cute! Let's hope it gets looked at more then it get's used! "Terrible Two's" coming up! Thanks for linking to DIY Thrifty Thursday at!