Thursday, October 21, 2010

Hair oh Hair!

Once you become a mom everything changes. If your a fellow mom you know exactly what I am talking about. If you are a stay at home mom you know may be able to relate to my whole hair issue. The whole stigma of 'your just a stay at home mom' thing. When you don't feel put together it just doesn't help how you feel about yourself. And when you have a horrible haircut it just adds insult to injury.

I had gone to a hair dresser that had botched up my hair a bit. I had told hubby that I had two different haircuts on my head. It was terrible! Well, so I thought and felt. I HATED it. I mean just hated it. Back in May we were going out of town to visit hubby's family, which happened to be the same weekend I had scheduled an appointment to get my hair cut. The trip out of town over rode the hair cut, so I canceled it. Needless to say I never rescheduled it or went back. I went months without a hair cut. This is so unusual for me. Every time I would get it cut I would make an appointment before I left. It always saved me the time and hassle of remembing to call for an appointment. Since May I had cut my bangs myself out of desperation. I had also gone to a place in the mall - one of those walk in places. Desperation was among me. Finding a new hair dresser at this point was like going to the dentist. Uggg!! What to do! We have a local publication called Family Magazine. They have a contest in there every month. You locate the acorn picture, go to their website and tell them what page you found it on. I did that! My prize?! I won $30 to a salon! Really?! Yes, really!! I was estatic. Maybe this was what I needed. I called and made an appointment. I gently explained I was unhappy with my current cut and said it was not right. It was messed up. This past Tuesday I went in to the unknown. A leep on faith if you will. She told me she was at a hair show the day before and had the perfect cut for me. A deconstructed bob. Ok, lets do it. She cut and cut and c-u-t - that ' s a l o t o f h a i r  *gulp*.
I thought it's ok. It is a new phase. Two little beautiful girls and I need something a bit new for myself. A few snip snips later and... 

Much better! Ahhh!!!

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