Saturday, September 25, 2010

Sock It To Ya!

There are so many things/projects I have been wanting to do. Time hasn't presented itself often enough though. Today though is another story! Thank you to Megan over at Brassy Apple for this idea ( ) While Notre Dame was playing I sat and made some leg warmers for my oldest. The cold weather has been making its self knowen lately prompting me to make these. Today while we were at Walmart we had gotten some Halloween knee high socks (2 pairs) for this project. I have been dieing to do this! I originally wanted to do Hello Kitty, but those are at another store - those will be purchased some time soon before they are no longer avaliable.

Before (these were paired up with the after ones):

I cut the feet off at the heel of the foot. I folded them under twice to help prevent them from unraveling and then whip stitched them with some embroidery thread (it was already on the needle and matched, otherwise it would have been thread):

Cute huh?!!

These could probably be warn as arm warmers too. They could be pulled down over your hands, but you would need to cut a slot for your thumb to fit. Still they are super cute and very stylish for a not quite 2 yr old.

Next, a stool remade. Yes, terrible two's have made their way into our house. She needs a little time out every now and again. I'm making a stool just for the occasion. Pictures coming soon.

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