Sunday, October 31, 2010

Apothecary Jars

When hubby and I got married in 2007, we had puchased everything. We/I did our/my best to keep it on the cheap. This had included purchasing vases from the dollar section at Target. (Don't you love finding stuff in that little section?!) Since our wedding we have had  ALL of those vases (I think 16 or so) boxed up in the basement. After a wedding you are too wiped out to go through everything and to be quite honest I never got to it.

See my "Boo and EEK" blocks?!

 So I have brought some up slowly. All these blogs have inspired me - SOOO much!! House of Hepworth's had just what I needed. Althought I had to make a trip to the dollar store to get two candlesticks, but it was well worth it. With all my gear in front of me I'm ready! I added a bead of hot glue on to the candle stick and ...
Love it! The marbles were from the wedding also. I need to keep them close by since I seem to loose mine often. They look great with my "Boo" and "EEK" blocks! This was so easy it wasn't even funny. I love quick and easy projects!

And I got this pulled together on no other day than Halloween. Couldn't have gotten this done earlier to enjoy it longer right? I'm thinking of winter stuff now though and that will look great with these too. Happy Halloween out there! Be safe while taking your kiddies trick or treating.

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