Thursday, December 16, 2010

Urns Christmas-fied

My most adorable model! Not sure what she was doing, but how cute.
The only Christmas decorating we have done so far has been outside. I guess part of my hesitation of decorating inside are the two little ones. My 9 month old is very hands on along with my 2 year old. In a small space that is not a a good combination. My stepson had asked if we were going to put up a tree. I told hubby we should put it up in his room. Imagine his shock once he returned from his mom's house to find a tree in his room! Anyways, moving along to my urns. Hubby had gotten them a few years ago for my birthday. I have not used them to their fullest potential ... until now.

We were getting some serious snow, then rain, then snow, hence the salt.

Here is what I used. A 12" cardboard round (found in the cake section), floral wire, three sizes of balls (the largest I would guess is 10" diameter ~ HL was picked over so I didn't have much to choose from) and floral picks. On each urn I had 1 large, 3 medium and 6 small balls, three floral picks. I had added some pinecones that I found outside as well.
In the center of the cardboard round I used a pencin (sharp object) to poke a hole to feed the floral wire through. I attached the floral wire to the large ball first then stuck that through the hole. Next was the medium size balls that I strung on a second peice of floral wire and ran through the center hole. Same method was used for the smaller balls. Once that was done I looked to see where the picks could be placed for filler. Then using my pencil sharp object, I poked a hole through the cardboard from the underside (the top side would have been difficult to do this since it has all the balls on it at this point).

Once done place on urn. Nothing was secure on this, although you could do so with tape (duct, ect) or maybe hot glue. It can all be taken apart to be stored and used again next year.

Snowy day will add to it nicely. Oh ... salt for sidewalks as well.

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