Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Snow day

 In northern Indiana we are proned to lake effect snow. The past week we have had snow with breaks of rain and more snow. Yesterday our school system closed schools as a result. My stepson was not with us, however the little girls I watch part-time was. My husband had told me at an ever so early 5:30 in the morning that school was canceled. (I am not a morning person by choice) While I was in the shower I had thought about what I would do with all her free time. Am I the only one that thinks best in the shower? She and my 2 year old watched Tinker Bell. Once that was done we made a snowman in honor of the snow day.

This is what I had came up with while in the shower. My 2 year old and I had done this one. We traced feet, glued, then added cotton balls. The ribbon is curly ribbon for wrapping. Once that was done I let them finish it. My darling toddler finished hers by pulling the cotton off along with the ribbon.

Once we completed that they watched some more cartoons, while I worked on lunches. (seriously I think I worked super hard yesterday. Not to say that I'm a slacker, but I was beat.)  I had made them both bento's for lunch. Snowman themed. When the 7 year old sat down she said "adorable".

Snowman is a peanut butter with honey sandwich. I used a snowman cookie cutter. His buttons are reeces peices stuck with a little honey. His arms are cracker snack sticks. Below him is sting cheese cut in half. Pretzel crisp, kiwi and a couple of orange slices.

Today's forcast - snow! And we aren't in the worst area of it. I do admit that it is very look at.

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