Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Freebie Calender and shopping list

There is a free website available called Cozi.  It is a great organization tool to help keep everything in one place. No more looking for paper when you need it. Hunting for a pen is gone. Simply type in your grocery list and print it to take with you on your shopping trip.

Another one of their handy features is the calender.Track Dr appointments, dentist appointments, school stuff, ect. And you can print it if you need. Let's not forget you can journal too. Special occasions like (heavy sigh) first baby steps with the assistance of the ottoman.

My mission to get organized is not because of the new year, but because my family has been expanding. My youngest is becoming more mobile, while my oldest is testing me. The job of a stay at home mom is not the easiest (I never thought it would be), but being highly organized sure makes things run smoother. I truely love what I do and know this is what I was meant to do - be a mommy!

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  1. I love Cosi, and have tried a bunch of times to get the whole family to use it. But Adam always forgets and just calls me when he wants to make plans. Oh well.