Tuesday, December 28, 2010

21 Days To Getting Organized

New Years Resolutions are not my thing. I say that if a change needs to be done its going to be any time of year. However, this happens to coincide with New Year's. Organizing! A few reasons I have had a strong urge to crack down on all this stuff. One - our occasional chat about moving. We will need to stage the house once we do decide that we are going to put it up for sale and I don't want to wait until last minute. Two - two little girls. Since having gotten married our family has quickly grown and the house has not. Not to mention all the goodies we are having to make space for that were acquired over Christmas.

Did you know that January is national organization month? I did not. A Bowl Full of Lemons is hosting a 21 day challenge to get more organized. I love her ideas! When I was younger my closet was super organized. Those were days where I had the time...remember those?? My shoes were in the boxes I bought them in and I knew exactly where to find each pair. My clothes were rotated seasonally. Now my clothes are rotated according to maternity and non maternity. I will be posting occasionally some of the things I do to help keep things some what organized or the things I am improving in my home. Join me in my mission to organize and share any tips you may have.

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  1. My clothes are rotated by skinny and not-so-skinny, ha! Good luck on the 21 Day Challenge, I'm taking it too! :-)