Thursday, January 13, 2011

Point System

Last week I had mentioned something about a point system that we have put in to place - again. So far it has been working to help reinforce positive behavior/choices with my stepson. He actually had asked/wanted us to do it again. This was prompted by poor behavior at school. 

He was allowed one hour of game time (Wii, XBox, DSI, ect). Watched cartoons when we were not watching what we wanted. That was pretty much it. Once you read what we have in place this is pretty dry, boring and uneventful.

Let me first point out that hubby and I worked on putting this together as a team. Hubby issues the points at the end of the day

OK - lets begin.

First point opportunity

I started off by using smiley face stickers that came in a rainbow of colors on one sheet. They were stuck to an index card and given a point value. The index cards to the left (in the picture) have stickers on the back corner and on the front is a certain behavior that we want to reward if it was good. For instance "good day at school". If he has a good day at school then he gets to draw an index card. He is awarded points based on the sticker value on the backside of that card. We also included a "Super" card and "Thanks for Helping"

Second point opportunity

He has daily "chores" in which he can earn points. Getting up and out of shower in time for school, gets school agenda out for dad to look at, getting ready for bed on time, etc. These are broken down and assigned point values. If he completes the task without being reminded/told then he earns the points. 

 Point Value for Rewards

 A list of rewards was typed up by hubby. So 30 minutes of game time cost 60 points. Watching a movie cost 90 points. Staying up extra 15 minutes (Sat only) 30 points. Basically the things that are intangible. The other things that are tangible go into our "family store".

The "store" is opened once points are given for the day. Hubby says that it is opened and gives a time limit, otherwise he would be a browser too long. He has the option too of saving his points for larger ticket items like maybe a t-shirt. Let me point out too that everything in the store is marked with a "price". When he is shopping he has to figure out how much he wants to spend and how much he has left.

Keeping Track of the Points

Front of index cards with sticker value on the backside.
I had said that we have done this system before, but we have tweaked it. One of the ways we have done so was to create something to help keep better track of points. My creative hubby had came up with a knockoff of game money. Creative huh? Well, he put someone from the family on each of the "dollars".
This helps in potential error of points, but also makes my stepson accountable for what he has earned.

We had begun this close to the holidays. To help ease with the transition we came up with additional earning opportunities. He was able to "unwrap" something that was wrapped with tissue paper on a cardboard roll. Inside there was an index card with something that he would otherwise not have gotten- 2 hours game time, doughnuts at Krispy Kreme ... yumm!! 

This has worked for us so far. The week before Holiday break from school was good. The week after Holiday break was good as well. He was rewarded at school for "personal best".

I would like to thank Amy over at  The Idea Room for inspiring our change in the point system.

Oh .. I forgot. He has not used his points for game time. Another plus is
he is spending time with us
instead of playing games or with his other toys.

Here is another way to help track points -  My Job Chart . It is customizable so points can be rewarded on the chart that way. 

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