Thursday, January 6, 2011

Parenting Solution?

We have had some .... uhhh struggles ... with my stepson. Not horrific struggles, but struggles non the less. This week though he had gotten an award at school for personal best. Can I just say how proud I am of that moment. Hubby and I have been working hard to get something in place to take care of behavioral issues. We have my stepson every other week. I know - every other week? Oh that is nothing in contrast to what it was when hubby and I first met. But here we are in the present. I think the program that we have gotten into place the past three weeks (with us) has proven successful based of his reward at school. I will have to share with you what it is that we have done that has worked for us. It has taken some tweaking, but I think we have gotten it. But, you are going to have to wait. Sorry! I am going to have to have a few moments to gather everything so I can compose it so that it makes sense to everyone. Meanwhile, we hope that our success continues.

Look here for the Point System.

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