Friday, August 27, 2010

Whata week

A friend of ours had her baby boy last Friday. Hubby and I had arranged to have meals taken to her to help their transition to parenthood. We took our meal on Tues, so early Tues I was prepping everything and while doing so 'little G' was playing. She is 21 months and not novice walker just yet. Clumsy trips are often taken and harmless at that. Until this past Tues ... She took a fall that resulted in a hairline fracture to her leg. We have slowed down a bit as a result, but I have still kept myself quite occupied with my creations.
I have been making new hairbows that have been more grande than previous ones. There are two a-line pillowcase dresses (one for each daughter) waiting to be finished. In addition, I have taken up a small job of watching a little girl and making sure she gets to and from school. Its a little extra mad cash since it isnt a daily thing.
I need more time for my creativity to take place. Perhaps the times when Miss J decides to pull an all nighter I should as well.

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