Sunday, August 1, 2010

About me!

Good morning - early afternoon. A little about myself. Im a stay at home mom of two little girls. Two under two. I have a stepson as well, who is 12. He is from my husbands previous life.

I have plenty to keep me busy or so you would think. My creativity has been getting the best of me here lately. Hubby and I have made several trips to Hobby Lobby over the past couple months to buy decorations for the house. That in addition to looking at all these wonderful blogs that other moms have make me want to create some great things for our house and two smallest girls. Its easier to create cute little things for girls than it is for a pre-teen boy. He is very simple in that he is more interested in playing video games. All day at that if we were to let him.

My latest adventure is making hair bows. I have posted a few on Etsy. Check it out here . My next adventure is to make a pillowcase dress. Im really looking forward to see how it turns out. All this has gotten me to think about upcyling.

Stay posted. Enjoy the remainder of your weekend.

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