Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Planning For Disney - Part II

In Part I I ended by talking about dining options.
In planning your options there are a few different options you have.
The one that we have used is the table service, quick serve and snack.

That's not much. Oh but it is!
They take good care of you. By the time you get home from vacation I can
assure you, even with all the walking, that you may have gained a little weight
if your not careful.

Ok, so here is the deal. The table service is wonderful. Why? You have the
opportunity to dine with the characters. If you have little ones
even not so little ones they will LOVE it!

Some of these are more popular than others so you have to move quick in
making your reservations. For instance, Cinderella's Palace (cant remember the name of the resturant)
books fast!
Other table dining services are worth two table services. It cost 2 of
your table services to attend the meal. If you book one of these be
sure to plan carefully or budget for other food options.
Mickey's Backyard BBQ is one and Fantasmic is as well...
that is if memory serves me correctly.
Mickey's Backyard BBQ is seasonal and located at their campground resort.

All of the characters are dressed to the theme of where the dining is located.
For instance, Cape May Cafe they
characters are dressed in beach attire.
so cute!

Some of the table service with the characters also offers pictures.
Ohana will take your picture then offer it to you for a fee.
I also know that they do the same at Cinderella's palace and
at Epcot where you dine with the princesses.

If can find out what characters are where by either calling Disney dining or
looking it up on their website.
I STRONGLY suggest that you book these
as soon as you can so that you dont
miss out on one that you really want to do.
Plus booking as soon as you can allows you the best
choices. You can book 90 days prior to your visit.

First time we had gone I was going to book 2 days.
Then I thought we are going to do every day with a
character. Why not!

In Part III I will continue talking about transportation.
Give you some tips about what we had learned from
one visit to the next.

If you have any questions or need clarification let me know. :)

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