Monday, May 9, 2011

Planning For Disney - Part I

We have been back from our vacation for about 3 weeks now.
We miss you!
your friends.

I know this isnt Mickey :) But his tag does say
'If found return to Mickey'  How cute!!

I will make an attempt to cover all that I can to help make
planning your trip easier.
Here goes.

We have gone down there 3 times in the past 2 years.
(The one time was work/fun)
Two of those times we stayed on the resort. What does that mean?
Basically that you get catered to by Disney. You live and breathe
Disney 24/7 while you are there.

If you have kids it is the easiest route to take. Im saying this based on
having gone down with a 6 month old and 10 year old on one trip and
on another trip a 2 and 1 year old.

We have always booked our trip (except the work trip) through Disney.
They are wonderful to work with and answer any and ALL of your crazy questions.
When you book through them you have a few lot of different options.

They have 'Magic Your Way' Program that allows you to build your vacation.
This can include accomidations, food and park tickets. You build it to suit you best.

First you will need to choose where to stay. Disney has several options that are based
on cost to make it easy. Deluxe, Moderate,Value and Campground. Deluxe is the 
higher end and value speaks for itself. 
(Personally I didn't notice a difference between our one moderate stay and our value stay.)
Next you can add park tickets if you want. You choose how many days. In addition to
that you can add the Park Hopper. This will allow you to go to more than
one park in a day. 
Lastly, the important part - food. If you want to add food on you can do that as well.
The bonus about this is that you get to dine with characters based on the package you 
purchase. The one that Disney suggest and that we have gone with has been
the sit down, quick dine and snack. 
It is the sit down that you can plan character dining. Ill talk about that a little later. 
The dining package may not sound like a lot, but it is
We get the most for our money by planning a character sit down every
day we are there. It was either breakfast or lunch/dinner that we would do
and each was a buffet. Plan your meals at a off peak time. Meaning that a late
breakfast or a early dinner. In between you can do snacks for the kids. 
This last time I took some cereal, cookies and crackers with us to help
because my girls can be demanding right when they wake up.  
That is alot to go over. Ill talk a little more about the dining package and
food in general in the second part. Along with that I will talk about
 travel, including air and travel to and from the parks themselves.

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